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Hello, My name is Edward and Im the chief curator of CoolHunt.LA

My goals are:

1) Tell interesting stories of makers, entrepreneurs, and interesting people that call So Cal home.
2) Help promote local brands, products and companies that are “Made In LA”
3) Allow people an easy way to discover Made In Los Angeles items., #MadeinLA, #MadeinLosAngeles, #MakeItInLA,


For ..

Mens, Women, Kids, Pets, Guys


Directory of #madeinla brands 🍴 @hellofoodie.la || @wilshiredetroit



❤️💪 via our friends @trece.cielos

This is Soo awesome! FRom @littleshopofpins - YAAAAAARG!!! Today be #NationalTalkLikeAPirateDay and Cap'n Fett be the scurviest dog in the Galaxy! Don't ye forget. Dead men tell no tales - #COOLHUNTLA #madeinla #madeinlosangeles

Box curated by @barrio.la - ➡️ 4 reasons we ❤️❤️❤️ this gift box: • 1️⃣ each product is from local peeps around L.A. • 2️⃣ @lebongarcon & @letterpresschocolate make our mouth water 😋🍫🍬 • 3️⃣ @glittermountain ceramics & #cleanliving lotions are 2 faves made locally with love • 4️⃣ seriously, the box smells amaze-balls🎁 - #madeinla

Curated via @madesolidinla - Studio View. We are open Wed-Fri 11:00-17:00 Sat 11:00-18:00, Sun 11:00-17:00. Come visit! #madeinlosangeles #madesolid #madeinusa #craftsmanship -

The #madeinla story never gets old.. Via @onefortheroad.co - "A fresh generation are marching for revolution and they want to wear clothes that tell a new story. Let's give it to them." - Naomi Klein ||| We proudly started this brand with transparency and sustainability first and are happy to share every step of our journey with you. Just head to our website and click on 'journey' to learn more! #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes #imadeyourclothes #madeinla #madeinbali #transparency #sustainability #greenfashion #shotontheroad -

Looks so good.. Even dudes should use it from @smallbatchsupply - 👀 look what I've got. Natural tote in stock and ready to ship 📦 - #coolhuntla #madeinla #madeinlosangeles

Mark your calendar #akf2017

Via the cheeky folks at @theseamericans - T.A. 🖤 @arabelleraphael

OK dudes of socal time to start thinking about a light jacket.. Here you go.. from @doubleeleven - Army Green Chore Coat available on the site now. We found this original mint condition 1970’s US military cotton twill in downtown LA. Our design is a spin on the classic French Work Coat you’ve probably seen a lot of. This jacket is great all year round weight, the color is superb and it goes with everything. Womens sizes (0-6) and cut available, DM us for info, we haven’t photographed it yet. #vintagemilitary #chorecoat #workwear #1970s #vintage #armygreen - #madeinla #madeinlosangeles

I know you want this sweet sweet raw trucker jacket... Deetz at @lostlandsco - they're going to giveaway a (raw)Trucker Jacket! This was the first piece they made for Lost Lands and all you have to do to enter is follow @lostlandsco and tag a friend in the comments on their profile . They'll randomly select the winner on September 12th, Tuesday night! -

PSA from @wearewildriot - Looking forward to another killer Sunday Funday @elcidsunset on 9/24/2017! Email to vend, babes 🖤 #getwildwithwildriot - #madeinla #madeinlosangeles

I love these --- from @littleshopofpins - #thankyouthursday to our friends over at @highfivepins for posting this rad photo of our pins! 👋👋👋 Ghost, Cucco, and the rest of the gang are available on our little shop. Just click the link in our profile! 😁 -