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@aegishandcraft : 👉Weekend + The Feels update:
I’ll admit it. Today was awful in the “feels” department. My anxiety took over & made what seemed like the start of a fun Sunday, just the worst. Stressful situations piled on top of one another – I hammered my finger, banged up my knee, got stuck in traffic, drove around for 40 mins looking for parking, & then ran/sobbed all the way to the venue, only to have 15 mins to set up before the doors opened. It was a day. & The weight of that dreadful fog quickly became overpowering. ☔ but I want to thank my friends and support group that allowed me to vent, and kept me busy with today’s activities, giving me the room to breathe & turn the day around. 💓 I was given the space to complain, air out the negative vibes, & grow from it all. It was all a bunch of nothingness, but with the feels latched on, it suddenly all felt impossible to figure out. & That’s how anxiety works, it feels unreasonable. & never makes sense, until you get some hindsight. In the meantime though, I have to give myself a pep talk, remember to take in the feels, acknowledge them, and then find motivation move forward. Push through that storm! It never feels easy, but once you make it to the other side, you find relief. & strength. 💓
& As for the overall weekend, I’m so humbled. Thank you. For supporting my work, and my dream job. I had a ton of fun at @renegadecraft , it always feels like one big party! 🐣 I’d like to say that it is now time for a break, but tomorrow is an extremely busy day! I have orders to fulfill, and @smallbatchsupply ‘s DTLA Pop Up to prep for!! 😊💪

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