@littleshopofpins : 🚨NEW PIN REVEALS🚨 27 years ago, Super Mario Kart was released and changed the racing genre in video games forever! Who knew that throwing shells, dropping banana peels and shrinking other racers with lightning bolts would be so much fun? .
To celebrate one of the best franchises in history, we’re releasing these iconic items at @svcomiccon. While at the show, we thought it would be fun if we made it a little more random like in the game. You can either choose the item you want for $8 OR you can spin the wheel for $5 and let fate decide what your item will be.
But wait, there’s more! We all know that the Blue Shell is the one item that we all crave, even though it didn’t exist in the SNES game. The only way you can obtain this rare item is by purchasing the entire set or by being one of the lucky people to randomly get it by spinning the wheel.
Come by booth 46a this weekend and try your luck!
⬅️Swipe to see each item!⬅️
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@svcomiccon Booth 46a | 8/16-18
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