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@uniquemarkets : A few years ago I read the application for @freresbranchiaux, a candle company based in Washington DC run by three little brothers – and my hearted melted immediately. We of course let them into the market, and over the years I’ve watched with pride as they have grown, both figuratively and literally! Here they are with @errolbarnett of the CBS morning news, after filming a segment with him. There is no doubt that their story will inspire you but I’m hoping this bigger picture that I am about to tell you will also motivate and inspire you to go down that path that is less taken if it’s calling you….
Representation matters: Back in 2008 while I was creating an interactive, community event to raise awareness about local design and entrepreneurship, I also had a secret plan in the back of my head… To use the events as a platform to show younger generations that having a career based in creativity and art and all things alternative could be an option! In school we learn about work in relation to words like doctor, dentist, teacher, lawyer. But the world that I live in consists of very successful creatives with career titles like ceramicist, lamp designer, letterpress stationery guru, cotton candy maker, owner of a vegan nail polish company, etc etc etc! I hoped then, and continue to hope now, that when people walk around the markets and experience the energy that can only be described as awe-inspiring, they see with their own eyes what beautiful alternatives exist.
When I look at this picture and see those smile’s, it reminds me that for 11 years children and teenagers have been experiencing what we do, and that has imprinted on them. We are now seeing the results of generations of kids, millennials and more who are proud to be different! You can’t be what you cannot see… Come to the market today in DC and bring your family… So much goodness can happen even beyond today! #theroadlesstraveled #entrepreneurship #uniquemarkets
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