A laurel canyon candle …

@floreslane : A laurel canyon candle faced the other way and me (luckily) faded out in the background sniffing the gloriousness.
It’s warm with top notes of amber and invigorating bits of spicy ginger ps use code FOMO for 20% off 😍👃🏼😻 #laurelcanyon #aromatherapy
Wed, 31 Jul 2019 00:06:17 +0000

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🕯#Handmade #soy wax #candles
📍#Custom & #location candles. Makes perfect #scents.
💌 trish@shopfloreslane.com

Flores Lane

#Handmade #soy wax #candles #Custom & #location candles. Makes perfect #scents. trish@shopfloreslane.com https://shopfloreslane.com

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