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@trece.cielos : After 4 months of dealing with heavy pregnancy symptoms I’m finally BACK!!!!!🤰🏻💆🏻‍♀️I am super happy to be working again, talking with old clients and friends that reached out thinking the earth had swallowed me. I truly missed being active (Looking at screens would make me nauseous and kept me vomiting most of the day) even listening to music or texting would upset my stomach, I was super tired all the time but wouldn’t sleep bc of insomnia 😭 That’s the reason I choose this phrase of my fav person, because I was so missing my “normal body” and felt bad about leaving everything behind. This never happened with my first pregnancy, when I was super active and founded Trece Cielos. This time I had to make a mandatory pause and listen to my body first; have patience and keep thinking of the struggle as a great opportunity to reconnect with my true creativity and nature (whenever it was going to come back) as a momtrepeneur I felt the main thing was to feel better first and enjoy the ride. Sometimes we are so used to the paradigm of slowing down as a setback and maybe it is but that doesn’t mean there is something negative about it; going back to the basics and start from the beginning again and again is so refreshing; this is a journey and good things take time and clarity. I’m so sorry for my bible here and thanks to my clients that have had me patience. I just wanted to share all of this with you and with other moms that are business owners or just entrepreneurs. Back in 2015 I was working as a web designer but wanted to be a stay home mom with my first baby. That was the main reason I created Trece Cielos. I wanted to earn some extra cash while being pregnant and for some maybe it was a bad move. 4 years after, Im here; still learning, still on business, still struggling, having fun and repeating everything over and over again; renewing myself, my business, my colors, resetting my mind and being open to new things, doing what I love the most and sharing it with the people I love. Thanks for reading this and for supporting my business, please dont be afraid of start again and change your way of thinking once in a while, let’s enjoy the ride! ❤️
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