Alright. Early start …

@railcarfinegoods : Alright. Early start this morning at the workshop. Just wanted to through out a quick update. Got in early this morning to get in some time to get going. New Railcar #SpikesX034 Super Slub proprietary fabric will be releasing tomorrow Friday! Very excited for you guys to see this. A very unique denim i guarantee it’s one of the most unique selvedge denim you’ll see and touch. Without it being so out of the ordinary it’s weird. We are trying to finish up the #Goldline001 by tomorrow too. But if it’s not done tomorrow then Monday it should be. A good stack of tapers went out yesterday. And I’m in early today to get caught up on the darning jobs. Please excuse the delay on those. I had a lot on my plate. But they are being worked on. Should be going on asap. We did get more of those limited Red Wing Black Mocs in. So grab then while you can. Also mega updates and products will be hitting @thegrandstation. So be sure to check that out. We are excited with the updates. The @railcarbarbershop is open. The barber took a couple of days off for his baby shower! But he’s back at it. Book your appointments now. Okay, now I got to get back to work. Keep checking in! #railcarfinegoods #madeinusa

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