Anna Adams overcomes her fears and launches 2×4

A fear of failure is a sentiment that crosses every entrepreneurs mind.
Anna Adams takes on those fears gracefully. She is the founder of 2×4 Los Angeles.
2×4 is a leather goods and accessories line based in Los Angeles.
Half of the proceeds from every purchase go directly to organizations that are providing services for people in immediate and desperate need in our city.

How did you get started?

I started sewing at a very young age, but it really became a passion when i started to create handbags and leather goods. There was something so satisfying about making a wearable piece of art. For years i made bags for myself, and for friends and family, but never felt like it was possible to jump the hurdle into it being a full blown business. After 12 years in the animation business, i finally decided that if i didn’t give it a shot NOW, i would regret it forever. So i have spent this year honing my designs and working through all the nitty gritty details of starting a small business. Im now working full time on 2×4, and it has been crazy and wonderful!

What is the inspiration behind your name?

When i initially started thinking about really giving this business a shot, i was going through a lot of changes in my personal life, i was learning and adjusting my thinking around the concepts of control, fear, generosity, and how to find real and lasting Joy. I knew that this needed to be a part of whatever i was about to start. There was an experience around the beginning of this process that i described as “being hit in the face with a 2×4” because of how jarring it was to my old way of thinking. That kind of kept ringing in my ears when i went to pick a name, and as i thought about it more, it took on new meaning. If the real goal of my business is to spread this spirit of generosity, and rebuild broken lives, then the concept of tearing something down to the 2×4’s and reinforcing the frame before anything real could be done, seemed like the perfect image to keep in mind.


OH BOY! Fear of risk, and Fear of failure. I have always been a perfectionist, and it kept me from ever starting anything that didn’t have a safe and predictable outcome. However, i started to realize that i would never be able to accomplish anything impactful until i learned how to fail gracefully. As i began taking small risks i realized that i was learning faster, creating more freely and being less and less afraid of whatever the outcome may be. No matter happens in the future, that is the most valuable lesson i could ever learn.


I think it was mostly just feeling peace about leaving my old career. It was a challenge to let go of a title, a paycheck, and a reputation that took years of hard work to build. However, there came a moment where i realized that i was much more interested in the reputation that my own business was offering, even if it was years down the line and came with a entirely new set of challenges.

You Can Reach 2×4 Los Angeles via:

You Can Reach 2×4 Los Angeles via:

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