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@lamag : As a professional cosplayer with muscular dystrophy, Amber Kohaku Chan has to get creative when she crafts her costumes. “I like incorporating my chair into my cosplay,” Chan says. “I have more drive to do something bigger or better or to really push myself. Because it’s hard for me to do just regular stuff. I think that drive helped me to push through big long cosplay builds that take months at a time.” Learn more about the artist and Living Doll at the link in bio. ✨⁠

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@whimsyandrow : Your potential is endless 🌊 #whimsywisdom Photo by @_tashbakerWed, 10 Jul 2019 22:35:06 +0000192 Likes so farwhimsyandrow - 32719 FollowersLook good without harming our planet 〰️ We make eco-conscious clothing in LA and carry likemind...

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