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Sad to announce ...

Fri Oct 27 , 2017
<a href=""><img src=""></a><br>@smallbatchsupply : Sad to announce that this weekends Noho Pop-Up Mart has been cancelled. I debated wether or not to share the reason for it but I think it’s important to share. The space I was supposed to host the Pop-Up out of reached out to me a couple of months ago offering me their new space. They wanted to photograph the event to advertise the space and promote it. I’d been in communication with the manager for months now. This morning I spoke to the manager to go over last minute load in details only to find out that they needed some documents such as a contract from me and event insurance. Note, this is being asked of me 2 days away from the event. I asked if we could go ahead with the event with out these documents as they were never asked of me before. They failed to call me back to update me on wether or not it was possible. I decided to walk in to the space and talk to them in person. The entire conversation was frustrating from the start. As a small business owner and as a woman I often feel like I am not taken seriously, and this definitely happened today. I explained that I had vendors that had been preparing for this, that I had spent countless days preparing and advertising. Events take work, not just the day of but the weeks leading up to them. The way it was handled was completely unprofessional. You can’t offer someone a space and then back out last minute due to miscommunication on your part. My job isn’t a joke, my business is not a joke, I take my job very seriously and one of the things I pride myself on is being reliable and hard working. I apologize to those who had RSVP’d and reached out to me about attending the event. I will be at my studio on Sunday, if you are interested in stopping by to look at product. If you are interested in things from our other vendors @brujitaskincare and @tomclothesandgoods please reach out to them. @tomclothesandgoods has a showroom in DTLA and @brujitaskincare is doing a ton of markets around LA. They will also both be at DTLA Pop-Up Mart on Nov. 18th. I also have a workshop on Nov. 9th where you can learn how to make a key clip! You can RSVP to both events via my Eventbrite. <br><br><strong> 41 Locals have liked this post </strong><br><br><br><a href=""><img src=""></a><br><a href="">smallbatchsupply - <strong>2202 Followers </strong></a><br> Est. 2012 Leather goods carefully handcrafted in Small Batches. Proudly made in DTLA | Nov. 18th dtla POP-UP mart <br><br>