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@whimsyandrow : Comment and WIN 🎉 Hi Whimsy fam, Rach here 💁🏻‍♀️ Thought I’d pop in monthly to say hi and tell you what’s going on behind the scenes! Read to the end and comment below with questions, thoughts, feedback, or anything really and I will answer and send you a special PRIZE!

My goal here is to be as transparent as possible, so you can really understand who I am and where Whimsy is. Everything gets blurred with social media and we are truly a small team of 5 gals (including me) with little money, hustling to make it all happen. I’m actually the only full time employee, so you might find me ringing you up at our retail location. Don’t believe me? That’s cool, come visit us at our retail space! We work out of the back and would love to meet you. We’re a quirky down to earth crew that loves music, snacks and doggies 🐶

Currently I am excited and nervous at the same time – our FW19 collection is in production (as you saw with our last launch of the Remy Jumpsuit, see 5th slide). Production is a gamble and ripple effect, but luckily we have an incredible team now that communicates well with each other. It took 2.5 years and a ton of mistakes to get here, so I am incredibly thankful for them. Planning a photoshoot soon, so you can virtually meet them too 📷

I’m also working on the SS20 collection that looks soooo good. We’ve finalized the styles we are making, and now it’s time for sampling and fitting to make them perfect! Check out the 4th slide for a little sneak peek 🤗

Something I am proud of this month is having a young entrepreneur shadow me. I was also asked to be part of two really cool panels which is my greatest fear, but the feeling of actually making an impact and helping people is what makes it all worth it! I wish I had more guidance when I started, so if my experience can help anyone, I’m happy to share!

Thanks babes for reading this and excited to hear from all of you! If you comment – please check your DMs tomorrow for your prize!!
p.s. check out the 6th slide for a cute pic of my new dog Remy!
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