(Damn, excuse our …

@aegishandcraft : (Damn, excuse our really exhausted faces. 😇) Got to hang out with my favorite fronds yesterday, especially this beauty @smallbatchsupply ,at @theweekendpress ‘s pop-up! 🐣 & now a quick #sorrynotsorry , because you’ll be seeing us together a bit more often before the year wraps up! ❤ This upcoming weekend is SF’s @renegadecraft , & then the weekend after that is the DTLA Pop-Up! (👉👉👉Please RSVP using the link in my bio, it’s for FREE, so we know how many of ya can make it! & so we can have enough drinks & goodies for everyone!) & then on Dec 2-3, we’ll be in Chicago for Renegade Craft, & then we’ll need a break- not exactly from each other (we hope), but from our shops, & so we can mend our relationships with “sleep”, what even is that anyway?!

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