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@everybody.world : EVERYBODY THINKS TRASH IS CUTE. We love this big pink trash bin at one of our manufacturers but try our best not to use it. There’s a lot of waste in literally every stage of garment manufacturing, which is how our Trash Tee came to be, using refuse from the yarn making process. There’s also a lot of leftover textiles in the cutting stage and we have been saving anything that’s too big to toss or isn’t ideal for recycling. When we have some spare time, we plan to design into the waste, meaning we’ll come up with smaller, useful items that fit perfectly with the size of the scraps. For starters, we’re thinking about zip pouches to fit in the many pockets of @maeelvis and @kalen_hollomon Griffin Mill Coat. Let us know if you have any fun-ctional designs for small items, too! We’re always up for new ideas #🧠 #scraps #everybodyworld

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