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@everybody.world : EVERYBODY’S TRUE BLUE GUY. You may recognize Prakash Gokalchand as one of our original design contributors. We have a standing meeting with him every Tuesday at 1:30 pm in MacArthur Park. It’s probably the most consistent thing in our week, and we have a feeling Prakash knows that. He’s a spiritualist whose life motto is “All is one” and an avid chess player.
He’s shown here wearing the Perfect Button-Up he designed for us in a new hue of 100% linen, which we call Tarp Blue because it kind of matches the tarp he brings to the park every day.
If anyone plays chess and would like to spend some time with with this true blue guy, please DM us and we’ll tell you how to find him.
As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Prakash earns 10% of each sale of his designs, so click the link in our bio to buy online or stop by Informal Shop at The Standard, Downtown LA! #prakashgokalchand #everybodyworld #trueblue #chess #💙
Wed, 11 Apr 2018 14:13:57 -0400

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Informal Shop @ The Standard, Downtown LA is open 12ish-8ish every day through Earth Day. Online 24/7. Wholesale, email sales@everybody.world