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@timeoutla : I eat a lot of cool and/or fancy shit, but I’m here tonight to tell you about curry chips: One of the best and cheapest dishes known to man, thick-cut fries covered in a sludgy, oft-oily gravy will do the trick in ways nothing else can. I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) throughout the last decade to nail this late-night salve at home—normally found in takeaways and cheap chip shops open way late—and honestly, the fact that we got to Dublin too late for anything to be open last night meant ordering €4 curry chips was something I’d been rooting for.
More similar to a Japanese golden curry than an Indian or Chinese yellow curry (though I’ve been told the mixture usually involves the latter), the sauce is thick and mild, and I wish we’d sell it over steak fries everywhere in the U.S.
anyway just wanted to show you that it’s not all salmon crepes with caviar; sometimes the best stuff is the €4 stuff.
Fri, 16 Aug 2019 00:09:57 +0000

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