It’s 9:30, …

@butterscotchlbc : It’s 9:30, I’m still at the shop and how fitting I’m checking off my To-do list before Black Friday in the new Nudie ‘OD Check’ flannel.
I kid you not, this thing is thee most comfortable, cozy thing you’ll ever put on your body.
Shop be closed tomorrow and back up and running Friday.
No crazy super top secret sales planned and I’m not giving away any TV’s to the first person in the door. Maybe a coffee tho….? Come by the shop and take advantage of some newly posted deals on goodies.
If you can’t make it in this weekend, that’s aiiiiight! Family first!
Head online to peep the “Black Friday” tab to get in on the action near or far.
The google machine is tight like that and I want everyone in on what the shop has to offer.
Annnnnnnd since I like you all so much.. All deals are good to go as of NOW!
Get after it!

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