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@butterscotchlbc : It’s the last hour home stretch before the grand opening party. It’s time to blow the lid wide off this mother and introduce you guys to a super top secret leather jacket that’s been in the works for a long long time.
The ‘Aloha’ Commando.
A tri-lab jacket between ButterScotch, LeftField NYC and Vanson Leathers.
East meets West with the ButterScotch take on the perfect leather jacket. Using the LF signature Commando jacket and dropping in a deadstock costal themed printed lining and ButterScotch embossed logo on the neck collar.
Leather and palm trees is the perfect embodiment of Long Beach making this jacket design perfection built for those cool evenings on the LBC coast or wherever you call home. Limited to a 7 piece cut this jacket is 100% exclusive to ButterScotch.
Huge thanks to Christian at LF and Constantine at Vanson for making dreams come true.

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