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@mienstudios : { KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER }
From today until the end of the month, 6/30, Mien will donate all proceeds from our website sales to @raicestexas.
We will also be contributing to the @_stillwerise auction, to be held 7/2-7/9. Details coming soon. 〰️
Regardless of our personal stance on immigration and our political affiliation, we need to stop the inhumanity that is happening on own soil, our beloved country that is suppose to symbolize freedom and a champion for human rights. Keep families together and reunite the ones that have been cruelly torn apart. As one mother to another, one human being to another human being, thank you for your compassion.
#keepfamiliestogether #familiesbelongtogether
Thu, 21 Jun 2018 20:24:11 +0000

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ALL WEBSITE PROCEEDS TO @raicestexas 6/30
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