Made In LA – Womens Apparel Round Up for Spring and Summer 2018

Made In LA – Womens Apparel Round Up for Spring and Summer 2018

We chose these standout “Made In Los Angeles” brands because they offer a unique take on womens apparel


Untucked Workwear

The Perfect Outfit for Women on the Go

Colleen Monroe started Untucked Workwear because she needed an apparel that can keep up with her multifaceted and varied work lifestyle. She started a kickstarter campaign in 2017 and its been full speed ahead ever since.

1) She makes pieces that are made well and longer-lasting
2) There are no chemical processing in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing plastic residue and other harmful byproducts in the water system
3) The fabric choosen can be 100% recycled and turned into new product after its life cycle.



Rawest threads you’ll ever wear. Mujer owned and operated.

DxCollective brings an interesting take on the SoCal aesthetic. Focusing on the iconic ‘calligraphy’, patterns and designs distinctive to Los Angeles.

Dorys Araniva started DxCollective as a way to express her affection for Los Angeles, penitentiary art, tattooing, lowrider culture, love letters, gang graffiti, hand-drawn art, inner city Chicano culture and community muralism.



Technical dresses made with Italian performance fabrics

Think of Zanni dresses as the Little Black Dress that you can wear while on a bike, skate board or fight ninjas.

ZANNI was created by Suzanne Lewis, a Boston native and UI/UX designer by day. The idea for a technical dress came to her one summer night as she rode her bike to dinner in a cotton dress, which was the perfect outfit for the evening but just didn’t cut it for a 5-mile ride. Suzanne knew she needed a dress that functioned like workout apparel but also looked Jackie O-ready. No such dress existed, so the journey to create Dresses for Whatever began.



Luxury Lounge Wear and Pajamas

Lotte.99 is the brain child of mother & daughter duo Sharon and Charlotte Brown. LOTTE.99 is a bespoke luxury line of loungewear. The lifestyle is layered with slumber parties, entertaining, and working day and night!

Imagine Lotte.99 as that apparel piece that you wouldn’t mind wearing outside. The pieces are handmade by local artisans using only the finest quality silks, cottons, and linens finished with French seams, pure trims and shell buttons.



Consciously Recycled Clothing And Uniquely Redesigned

Jillian Clark started MEWE Clothing After working in film production for years. She could no longer ignore the on set waste she witnessed everyday. She researched the waste produced by her own department, costumes, and was shocked by what she found. So she started MEWE to make an impact by up-cycling garments, apparel and fabrics to new unique creations.



Inspiring and empowering women to be bold.

Alice Yoo started Skylar Yoo after witnessing a historical day, January 21, 2017. The single largest protest march in human history, women and men came together to ask for governmental change. Inspired by the Women’s March, Alice set out to bring that spirit to daily life.

Skylar Yoo now brings statement t-shirts, art prints and accessories for the modern feminist to inspire and empower women to be bold.


Creature Of Habit

Youthful and playful irreverence, unapologetic self-expression

Jay Orozco started Creature of Habit because she has a lot to say and a mastery of sassy, amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic puns. Printed tees and apparel has never been the same.


Tom Foolery

• Drop seat jumpsuits • Never go free bird on the porcelain •

Shannon Ashford started Tom Foolery with the simple idea of creating rompers that allow women to use the ladies room without sitting on a drafty stall clutching your naked chest with your jumpsuit around your ankles while frantically tracking passers by in the crack next to the door.

The solution was this: an open, overlapping side seam with a drop down seat – Evidently the apparel is made from plastic bottles (mind=blown)


bean goods

Radical goods for doxie lovers. Inspired by their wiener dog, Bean!

Claire Wolfson & Chris Prouty started ‘bean goods’ as a love letter of sorts to their Dachshund named Bean. Bean Goods is a clothing and accessories brand themed around their love and affection for doxie weiner dogs. The line is filled with hilariously charming puns, clever snippets and adorkable illustrations.

It doesnt matter if you have a doxie or not, you will be tickled by these printed tees.



Bella Bow Tie Tops are made out of sustainable vintage fabrics, right here in Downtown Los Angeles

Brianna Olenslager started Canape as a reaction to her 10+ years of work in the fast fashion industry. The Canapé mission is to change the way we think about fashion and introduce the idea of investing in artistic staples.

Each item is designed and constructed with the intention that it will stay relevant for the next 3 – 5 years. The style is quirky staple pieces that can be integrated into your wardrobe in many ways.


Things I’ve Made

Quirky Tees

Sometimes simple things make for interesting designs. In this case a simple word encapsulates a sensibility that’s just Oh-So-Very-SOCAL: “RAD”.

Caroline Artime is the founder of “Things Ive Made” and she uses simple fonts and words that effectively conveys a mindset.



Dress Clean. Sustainably made in Los Angeles, CA

Kayti O’connell Carr started MATE in 2013 as a hobby without knowing anything about the apparel industry. Mate is a collection of elevated essentials and vintage inspired graphics that embody the California-cool lifestyle.

In 2018, MATE is going to wrestle with these tough questions:

1) we use conventional cotton when I know it’s a toxic shit storm for everyone involved?

2) we use dyes that are petroleum-based and filled with nasty chemicals just because they look vintage?

3) we use synthetic fibers that end up in landfills, like forever?

4) we use plastic shipping mailer when we consider our brand to be sustainable?

5) How do we make organic clothing affordable and cute AF?

MATE feels that they can not un-see what they have seen in the apparel industry.



Multifunctional Clothing and Accessories for Women. Made from Salvaged Fabrics and Zero Waste

Rachel Litiatco has focused her brand with the notion of no scrap left behind. Each garment is made out of salvaged and repurposed material. The pieces are multifunctional and streetwear chic.


Love Faustine

VINTAGE + DESIGN STUDIO Online shop specialized in vintage & ethically designed clothing

Valerie Werner-Longo started Love Faustine with a discerning eye and strong point of view on fashion and style. She mixes eco friendly and ethically designed apparel with a strong collection of vintage pieces.

She definitely runs a unique shopping experience!


Fabiana Pigna

crisp poplin, feminine silhouettes that are thoughtful and relatable

Fabiana Pigna focuses on capsule collections of luxury poplin garments inspired by sculptural shapes and clean lines.

Her pieces have a timeless appeal and a sense of craftsmanship that screams class!


Raven & Crow

Eco conscious bamboo + recycled pjs + loungewear. Made lovingly in Los Angeles

Meg Remien started Raven & Crow because she was looking for pajamas and loungewear that can be worn around the clock, or at least in front of company.

Read the rest of Meg Remien’s story of how she started Raven & Crow after injuring her spine



Versatile wardrobe essentials for modern living. Small batch production ethically made in Los Angeles

Kathy Fee started Nonstop as a hybrid of several ideas. The goal is to give you the comfort and versatility you need, plus the luxury and fit that you want.

To start, NonStop.LA is tackling legwear. Sexier than activewear and more functional than lingerie.
They have combined the best of both into a new kind of wardrobe basic.


Revelle Collection

Delightfully redefined and responsibly made in Los Angeles, classic women’s sportswear from the finest sustainable fabrics

Lisa Nicole Harbottle has been secretly creating bespoke garments for private clients. The thrill of making garments tailored to the individual woman has been the foundation in her approach to modern fashion in opposition to the mass market of fashion today.

I love how Revelle plays with color and shapes. The collection is a definite must have for 2018.


Durand Collection

Steeped in the early musical scene of the ’70s and ’80s and transfixed by the fashion-forward women of rock

Michelle Durand’s inspiration comes from the interplay of shape and form , texture, from the drama of monochromatic schemes , oragami , the art of accentuation, ideas of friends and strangers, architecture, environment, and integrating street and high end.



A modern women’s collection highlighting traditional Korean silhouettes

HANNAYUJIN is a modern women’s capsule collection founded by sisters Hanna and Yujin Park, Los Angeles based Korean-American designers. Together they created a line highlighting traditional feminine Korean silhouettes known as the ‘hanbok’. Each piece of the hanbok isinstrumental and serves a purpose in comfort and creating the complete ensemble. The powerful-feminine identity is illuminated in the clean lines and fine details, making this garment timeless beauty.


Black Crane

Japanese Inspired Ancient Culture And Civilization

Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki started Black Crane to focus on a silhouette that complements supple lines and comfort, their collection is characterized as minimal and edgy.


May 68

A new concept in modern fashion, with an imaginative laud to the past

April Folan is inspired by simple and elegant designs that transcend trends, and make pieces to inspire and last



A fusion of minimalist concepts and the mixing of cultures.

S.Kanouni merges simple yet sophisticated design techniques and elements to achieve an aesthetic thats minimalist and natural.


Eva Franco

Feminine and timeless wardrobe staples

Eva Franco has a balance of detail to the pieces without getting in the way.

Eva Franco emigrated to the United States as a young girl, fashion quickly became her entrée into new surroundings. Born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, but of Hungarian heritage, she discovered that her passion for designing clothing helped her express herself as she communicated with her American peers