Meet Isadora Alvarez: Chief Curator of Back Beat Rags

Isadora Alvarez tastefully curates and develops Low-impact clothing for that laid back life so that you can dress easy, and live easy! ✌️
Back Beat Rags is a 100% California born & raised lifestyle brand created by Isadora Alvarez.

What started as a shop specializing in vintage tees soon transitioned into cut-above fashion basics. That means They focus on the usual suspects like easy, wearable tees, sweatshirts, and dresses and then They infuse vintage-inspired details done in a fresh and modern way.

They take cues from old school California surf ‘n’ skate culture and combine it with whats currently going on in the streets. While They may be obsessed with classics, They make sure the collections have a little bit of what’s on-trend in color and shape.

The goal? To give you that effortless cool factor California girls are known for.


How did you get started?

Had a corporate fashion buying job and hated the rat race. [I’ve] always wanted / loved buying vintage, so I started selling at weekend markets and ended up designing a line thats inspired by all my vintage tees

What is the inspiration for the brand name?

I’m inspired by vintage. Our brand name is from that off beat in music that gives a song that special something

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to get started?

“..doing everything myself! and, the big minimums on manufacturing..”

What was that “Just Do It” moment for you to get started?

“I just said: ‘ its now or NEVER!”


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About: ✌Low-impact clothing for that laid back life✌️ The Organics Collection now available online. Join our list and get 10% off. Dress easy, live easy!
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