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Home of the Inflatable Hoodie. | Sustainably Made in Downtown Los Angeles

Technical apparel is our tireless pursuit. In our efforts to design and engineer the most innovative apparel in the world, we collaborate directly with fabric mills, sharing knowledge and creating lasting partnerships.

We are starting simple with the introduction of our first product, the Aros “Sleep Hoodie” and our line of premium basics.

The Inflatable

Our team worked with some of the top inflatable engineers to create an original design and support system. In just two breaths, our hoods transform into unparalleled support, flexible enough to maneuver to any desired position.

Luxury Basics

Aros was originally created for and remains devoted to the travel experience. Our line of luxury casuals, sourced with some of the most comfortable fabrics from all over the world were designed with one purpose in mind. Comfort.

The Creative Team
Josh Woodle

Creator / Designer

Josh Woodle is a creator working in film production (LIP Content) in Los Angeles, CA.

Elaine Yue

Patternmaker / Production

Elaine is an integral part of the rennaissance of the Los Angeles textile market. Working with brands such as Alice + Olivia, she provides a level of quality parallel to none. Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and quality control to the production process of Hypnos.

Dylan Marko Bell

Creative Consultant

Music Video, Commercial director/branding creative.