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Hi, we’re Max & Elvis, the Barking Mad Brothers, the canine creative inspiration behind our range of teas.

I’m Max, the big brother and truth be known the good one. I always come when asked and sit when I’m told. I spend my days rolling over and paw-fecting my hand shake.

Then there’s my brother Elvis, he’s definitely the naughty one, in fact, he only shakes when he rattles and rolls, usually in something smelly. He’s been known to sneak food from the countertop and play his boom box too loud. We may have completely different, but we always agree on one thing—we love our Barking Mad Tea.

We are originally from London, where tea reigns supreme. When mom and dad decided to move us to Los Angeles we worried we would have to give up our favorite drink. I mean not only is tea good for us but it taste delicious too.

I’m not gonna lie, we were pretty stressed out when we arrived in California. Everything was strange and new, not to mention we didn’t really enjoy the flight. But then, mom made us a special blend of herbs to help calm us down and relax. This is our blend called

When mom went to the market, she couldn’t find the food we ate in London. The new food upset our tummies. Once again mom came to the rescue making us another tea blend called tas.TEA. In no time we were digesting our food without a problem. Thank goodness cause Elvis was dropping some right stinkers.

After a few days of getting settled in, our dad took us to a dog park to meet new friends. We wanted to make a good first impression, and of course, Elvis wanted to impress the ladies. Mom whipped up a batch of flir.TEA, a blend of aromatic herbs to ensure our breath was fresh and put us on top of our game.

We always say why drink plain water when you can infuse it with delicious Barking Mad Tea. Its yummy and so so good for you. You’d have to be barking mad not to….

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