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Growing up with immigrant parents, a Greek mother and Mexican father, I was continually surrounded by their resourcefulness and creativity. On either side of the family, someone was always either crafting furniture or painting. Making was a part of our daily life.

After having completed my formal education as an architect , I was in Greece visiting family where my cousins took me to visit the island church. There, they showed me the wonderfully intricate stained glass windows that my Grandfather had made before leaving Greece for the United States. Seeing this timeless beauty that my Grandfather had crafted gave me the inspiration to refocus my interests.

For me, nothing compares to the personal relationship that jewelry can offer. As something worn close to the heart or its continual caress against the skin, jewelry can serve as a lifelong reminder of a fleeting young love, a joyous shared event or even to celebrate an unexpected ‘just because’.

Inspired by the people in my life and the natural beauty of Greece, my hope is that my jewelry will in turn, inspire those who wear it.

– Carla


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