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Custom Ketchup was inspired by a crayon drawing made by a 7-year old artist in first grade, Christian Chen-Drake in 2011.

His father, Ra Chen-Drake, a designer of high end premium t-shirts in Los Angeles, saw his art and loved the creativity of his son’s interpretation of a Chow Mein Noodle box rendered in the Pop Art style. A few years later, Christian and his father decided to create Custom Ketchup, a premium clothing line featuring Christian’s art.

The first design for the line was a Ketchup bottle, originally rendered with crayons at Christian’s grandparents’ home while on summer vacation in 2013. A Mustard can and Oil can soon followed.

During a photo shoot for Ra’s clothing brand, a buyer from Fred Segal saw the children’s shirts and loved them. He suggested that the line expand to include adult shirts as well.

Today, Custom Ketchup offers men, women and children clothing and is carried by some of the top boutiques in the nation.

“Ketchup” of the name Custom Ketchup comes from the first design made by Christian for the line (the Ketchup bottle). “Custom” refers to Ra Chen-Drake’s brand that creates high-end custom shirts for celebrities.

Custom Ketchup is a collaboration between a young artist and his designer father, Ra Chen-Drake. We create premium quality t-shirts and tops made in Los Angeles featuring original art hand drawn art.


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