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Céline Zhou

Jacques Dantas

It was the summer trip to France that started it all. A sumptuous September saw our first encounter, a spoonful of its light sweetness, and I was in love with a simple dessert called the cake of voyages – a cake you can bring on a spontaneous journey, to share with your loved ones or to treat yourself.

Back in Los Angeles, I searched for it everywhere, but no dessert compared to that cake in France. Unacceptable! I thought, that the city of sunshine knows not the golden crumbs of this little cake.

So I embarked on another journey back to Paris, a quest straight to the heart of dessert creation. This time to train and work with the best chefs in France, in search of a recipe for my very own voyage cakes.

I worked and partnered with chef Jacques Dantas, whose 20 years of experience as a pastry chef in Paris, combined with my own zealous passion, became the secret ingredients for that perfect voyage cake.

Though dipped in hard work and whipped by errors in trials, our journey of creation was also sprinkled with joy. The cake of voyage, with excitement in every bite, could it be your next journey, filled with joy and delight?


One Bite, One Delight
The voyage cakes are perfect choices for an afternoon tea, an office gathering, a picnic, or even as a gift for your loved ones! With them, you can enjoy a delicious moment at any time!

Play of Flavors
We designed each one of our voyage cakes to bring out its distinct flavor. We aimed for a balanced and well-rounded flavor in all our cakes. Go ahead and let the different flavors dance on your tongue!

Light & Healthy
No one likes hidden preservatives, trans fats or artificial flavors. We insist on using the best and freshest ingredients, and say no to anything that will interfere with the purest taste in our cakes!

“Beau et Bon”
In the French tradition, a dessert needs to be both delicious and aesthetically beautiful. This makes perfect sense to us: who can resist a bite of a tasty and good-looking dessert?