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So Why Now?

The drunken idea was born in Los Angeles, California; this home based cake shop started brewing in the spring of 2013. With the thirst for liquor and a mean sweet tooth, the dynamic duo of mixology began stirring both their minds and mixing bowls to create the cocktails of sweets found on the speak easy menu.

It was a quote my boss told me by Thomas Edison “Vision without execution is hallucination”… Hearing this quote was definitely the ‘Ah-hah’ moment for me. We played with the idea for so long, it was time to execute an actual plan. I didn’t want to be like everyone else with a good plan just sitting around at home just dreaming up ideas; I knew what I wanted, and I knew where I wanted to go with it.” – Sara Aleman, Co-Owner/Baker

So Why “Drunken Cake Pops”?

“We are young, we love to drink, and we LOVE to eat. It was one of those things that really just fit. Sara is amazing with liquor infusions and I am able to put food together really well; so naturally we knew we wanted to fuse liquor and sweets because that’s the ultimate indulgence. The only thing left was to find a vehicle to bring our vision and passion to everyone else; and that’s when we both realized we wanted that vehicle to be a cake pop. The simplicity and untapped territory was something new for us to explore, and so far, the treasures we have found have been quite rewarding.” – Zoila Navales, Co-Owner/Baker.


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