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I’m Elle, an eco-fashion designer and former marine mammal specialist. ELLERALI is the expression of these two passions.

I’m a diver, a hiker, and a beachcomber for clean-ups. I started sewing in 2012, and I have been designing and handcrafting clothes since. My favorite pieces to create are made of repurposed fabrics – I love the challenge and creativity, but most of all I love that I’m not adding to the human imprint on planet Earth.

Welcome to ELLERALI, and I hope you can join me in my vision for today’s fashion industry and environment.


My background is in marine biology, marine mammal care, and education. I was in love with the ocean – especially the beautiful world and creatures living within it. While living my dream on the Big Island of Hawaii, I learned more about the detrimental effects of humanity to our waters. This experience made me focused on green living.

In 2014, I returned to California, back to my family, because my mom had gotten sick. It was hard to leave behind that life, but it made me discover another passion in me. Sewing started as a way to rebuild my relationship with my mom, a former seamstress. This brand is a tribute to my mother. Even a year later after she’s passed, I know we are doing this together.


Did you know that the fashion industry is the second leading polluter in the world, only edging out oil? The U.S. generates an average of 25 billion lbs. of textile per year – and that’s nearly 80 lbs. for each American. Every so often, a huge fast fashion brand is embroiled in child labor and unfair wage scandals in the factories abroad. These facts are crazy, and it’s about time that we make a change!

I believe in both the future of fashion and the preservation of the environment. I think you can love both at the same time, without sacrificing the other.

From my own mother, to Mother Nature, I’ve found a purpose. I founded ELLERALI as my passion project and business vehicle to make an impact on my advocacies.


ELLERALI is a lifestyle eco-fashion brand focused on multifunctional streetwear chic clothing. We create cool and creative options for the conscious consumer.

ELLERALI is focused on environmental sustainability by designing clothes on a zero-waste principle: with no scrap left behind. Each garment is made out of salvaged and repurposed material. Each design is intended to be worn in number of ways, saving more space in your closet and saving the environment.

ELLERALI is made for the eco-focused yet fashion-forward women of today. Each garment is designed for versatility and functionality – while still keeping the look classy and comfortable. Each design is made for women of all shapes, sizes, and personalities who want to make a fashion statement and support the minimal-waste lifestyle.

By supporting ELLERALI, you are making a positive impact and become a champion for:

Environmental responsibility
Small business growth
Women entrepreneurs
US-made products
Handcrafting communities