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EST WST is an expression of creativity, authenticity and concern for our global population. As a socially focused brand, we’re committed to sustainability and rural development, providing an authentic alternative to conventional fashion. Each product is crafted from natural fibers, recycled materials, and traditional handwoven textiles sourced directly from our partner weavers in rural Nepal and India. Our goal is to highlight the authenticity and creativity that persists through an increasingly fabricated world.

To minimize our carbon footprint, we’re committed to using certified organic cotton, hemp, stinging nettle (allo), and waterproof lining made from recycled plastics.

We partner with rural weavers for our handloom textiles, offering an authentic piece of culture while providing a sustainable form of income for our partner communities. Through the purchase of our products, you support the preservation of a dying craft and the livelihood of marginalized groups in Nepal and India.

Through our consumption, we create connections: consume consciously – connect globally.

We’re a brother-sister team who started EST WST Collective out of the understanding that every action has an effect on the planet and its population. We recognize the potential for positive impact and envision a sustainable brand that connects consumers to artists and their culture through design.

The inspiration for EST WST began when we traveled to Nepal and India in 2010. Our parents spent 12 years in the small landlocked country, which included our early years. We fell in love with many aspects of the culture in South Asia, including the general warm-hearted nature of the people, the creativity, the calculated chaos, the pristine beauty, the chai and the tradition of weaving. We learned about the diverse cultural traditions in Nepal and the importance of the handloom industry in India. We became aware of the decline in handloom textiles and the desperate need for sustainable development in rural regions. And we connected with the next generation of students, artists and visionaries who are pushing the status quo.

Through EST WST Collective, we support the balance of preservation and modernization. We believe there can be progress without the compensation of culture.


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