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EVERYBODY.WORLD makes and sells thoughtful goods.
Inspired by reality, people, cultures, science, history, and life. We approach design and manufacturing as a new frontier–conscious of Workers, Ecology and Ideas. To us, that means leading with creativity and ensuring our production is always ethical and as earth-friendly as possible.
We know about the art of manufacturing and have deep respect for the skilled people that make it happen. From day one, we have been hands-on with our partner factories and choose to only do business with those who have ethical practices and do great work. As of now, all of our factories are US-based and the workers making our products are earning fair wages.
The earth’s resources are precious and fashion can be dirty. We think about our planet constantly and as manufacturers we do our best to do the right thing. Recently, we invented a new fabric for our t-shirts that’s made from 100% recycled cotton. Additionally, 95% of our manufacturing takes place in California, the state with some of the strictest EPA standards in the country.
Our collections are made up of design ideas from everyday (extraordinary) people; artists, chefs, writers, students, retirees, friends, strangers–and eventually customers. What they have in common is a great eye but it’s their unique points of view on what makes something indispensable that we’re tapping into. We’ll bring their concepts to life and share the profits with them.

Like EVERYBODY.WORLD, Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo were born and bred in Los Angeles. Iris is a fifth-generation Angeleno and Carolina a first-generation American; the daughter of Mexican immigrants who ran a factory in downtown LA throughout the 1970s-90s. [Side note: one of EVERYBODY.WORLD’s main factories is owned by a man who learned his trade working for Carolina’s family back in the day.] They both draw inspiration from the city they live in and having spent years around talented people who could make something from scratch, they’ve built their business on a foundation of ethical and eco-friendly production and the cross-pollination of ideas from people of all walks of life. During their tenure at American Apparel-the two spent some 26 years there between them-they shaped the brand’s aesthetic and were influential in its explosive growth. Iris managed the brand aesthetic and instigated a number of its signature looks, while Carolina went from designing the brand’s first logo in a Kinko’s on Sunset Boulevard to managing the entire graphics and kids’ divisions. Now they’ve joined forces to found EVERYBODY.WORLD, a company dedicated to creating soulful, seasonless basics alongside outrageous and comfortable lifestyle-goods.