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The Hamabla Story

Hamabla is a collection of handmade, luxury beach apparel, accessories and home goods designed for the seaside lifestyle.

The line, created in 2017, eschews trendy prints and fast fashion patterns in favor of classic silhouettes in premium, natural fabrics, for timeless pieces with distinctive appeal.

Many of our textiles are globally sourced from the best materials the world has to offer, and then adorned or sewn by hand in our Downtown Los Angeles design studio.

Hamabla goods are defined by the slow design principles of exceptional quality and impeccable craftsmanship. With intricate, hand finished details, the assortment offers a luxurious perspective on beach goods, delivered in our signature soulful, refined and understated style.

Just like a well-worn pair of forever blues, each piece in our collection can end the sentence “I live in my … “

about us

Founder & Designer
While a student at NYU, Joelle developed a lifelong love of fashion working part-time in the NYC Garment District. Graduating with an Economics degree, her early career was spent in finance, toggling between Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the fashion industry. Ultimately, the pull of more creative endeavors prevailed and the idea for a beach products line was sparked after a move with her family to Los Angeles.

Joelle set out to elevate and redefine beach offerings that complement not only the natural environment of the seashore, but casual and luxurious everyday living. Having grown up in a variety of seaside locales that sit beside cosmopolitan destinations (Connecticut, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Hamabla was born out of a passion for creating effortless pieces that are beach friendly and inspired, but can transition easily to casual and luxurious urban living.

Joelle lives in Malibu with her husband, two sons and two dogs. She also still lives in the same jeans she bought in high school, at least once a week.