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Adrienne Fuqua is the phenom swimwear designer from Southern California, best known for sewing scintillating sexy styles with a curiously timeless appeal. Having previous success in lingerie fashion, she knows just how to fit a woman’s curves to inspire confidence and a feeling of beauty. It was upon this foundation that she founded her swimwear line, A’QUA.

Based in the heart of LA, A’QUA Swim draws upon a cosmopolitan influence that makes its unique designs wearable both at home and abroad. As a successful fine artist, Miss Fuqua designs each of her swimsuits as one would a work of art; each A’QUA Swim piece is unique and handmade.

Adrienne is familiar with the idea that a masterpiece is made in the details. From bold prints to vibrant colors, braiding to crocheting, fashion and art are fused into seamless creations by this talented and devoted artist.


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