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About My Work I strive to make work that is thoughtful and highly functional, creating objects for the home that call to the user everyday. I believe that surrounding oneself with handmade objects creates a special narrative of interest and engagement throughout the home. Everyday these objects spark conversations and evoke emotion within the user. That’s what I love about making functional ceramics-this is art that gets to take an active role in the user’s daily life. What’s more exciting than that?

About Me Originally, from a small farming town in Central Illinois, I went to college at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where I received my BFA in Ceramics in 2012. After college, I was an Artist-In-Residence for two years at The Morean Center for Clay in St. Petersburg, FL. I moved to the West Coast in 2014 to work as Studio Apprentice to Forrest Lesch-Middleton in Petaluma, CA. Currently, I am working out of my home studio in San Diego.