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Hand poured and blended aromatherapy. Infused with hemp essential oil (also known as cannabis essential oil!) To soothe the soul and lift the spirit. kushedcandles.com

At Kushed, we wanted to create fragrances that were sexy and energizing, soothing and peaceful. Scents that would clear the mind and ease tension. So, we selected cannabis essential oil as the base for our aromatherapy oil blends.

Its aroma is therapeutic, helping to release stress and relax the body. And its warm, sweet scent accents and blends perfectly with other exotic essential oils creating aromas that help soothe your soul, perfect your senses, and keep your home smelling delicious.

Kushed founder, Alison Joy, began her love affair with candles in 2003, blending soy wax with essential oils from her kitchen.

A single mom, working in the demanding world of the film business, aromatherapy candles were her sanctuary. They transformed her home into a Zen environment, bringing a little slice of heaven to a whirlwind of chaos.

Always looking to perfect her creations, Alison experimented with a variety of essential oils, fascinated by their powerful aromas and therapeutic qualities. She blended wax and oils into rich and intricate tapestries of unusual and unmistakable scents.

Eventually, her research led her to one of the more taboo oils in the essential oil range, cannabis essential oil. With this, she found the perfect prescriptions to relax her mind and soothe her soul.

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