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As a child, my grandmother Josephine told me tales of a post war Sicily. I loved and romanticized the aesthetic of her world. It was beautiful and raw, with mystery, and the possibility for romance just around the corner. Her stories sparked my imagination. She spoke of a place, that although sparse in money, was rich in quality of life, vibrant land, and time spent close to nature. And despite the slow pace, was filled with passion, and a people that possessed a real zest for life… my mind reeled! I could listen to her for hours.

The fashion of this time and place was not opulent. Quite the opposite, it was rather simple, and informed by limited resources and functionality. But something about it felt very feminine to me, while at the same time, competent and self-assured. House dresses and aprons… I found them to be so chic and sexy! This would be the inspiration for my line, my grandmother’s closet!

She embodied the ‘less is more’ philosophy for me, in every way: simplicity, strength, humility, beauty, hard work, and love. This is how I ended up here, starting a company named after my two children, Lavinia and Cassius O’Neill (he’s what the Co part stands for ;)) from an aesthetic seed planted by my late grandmother. The designs pay homage to her generation’s great style, but are meant to feel contemporary at the same time. I hope you enjoy our line, and am so happy to be able to share it with you.

We are a family run company. We work and live in Los Angeles, in the beautiful state of California. Thank you!

Erica Nicotra O’Neill

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