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Valerie Werner-Longo started her career in New York City as a womenswear designer and stylist. While working in the fashion industry she began her obsession of collecting vintage and designer pieces.

Moving to the west coast and raising a family on the beaches of Southern California shifted priorities and perspectives. Inspired by her own kids, she started designing children’s clothing using only leftover womenswear fabric from the fashion industry. Soon she opened her own brick and mortar in Hermosa Beach then wholesaled her line to Saks Fifth Ave flagship stores. Recognizing the uniqueness of her children’s line, Travel and Leisure featured her boutique as a destination shop in Southern California. With a heavy heart she eventually closed her little shop and then her business.

Some years later needing to get back into a creative field she took a Visual Manager position with Anthropolgie. But after 8 years in retail, drowning in a sea of consumerism, she’d had enough and the drive to lessen the environmental impact became a necessity. She decided it was time to get back to her roots as a designer and rebuild where she left off.

With a discerning eye and strong point of view on fashion and style, Valerie began to create a distinctive, feminine collection. Her vision was to build a line for women that was ethically made and sustainable while still exuding the effortless California beach lifestyle she loved. By extending the life of a garment and recycling dead stock textiles, she successfully created a line of clothing without adding to the world’s carbon footprint. A standard that she intends to consistently hold at the utmost importance as she continues to grow her business