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Born and raised on the West Coast.
Made Solid is a collection of leather products designed and handmade in Los Angeles by Peter Maxwell and Mia.
Our design is inspired by our history and our surroundings. Western living is at our core.
We honor uniqueness and celebrate the individuality of each piece we create.


The name Made Solid references the connection we create through our creative process and the end result of our labor.
Making a solid connection between the raw leather our hands touch and the well used pieces our friends love is our constant goal.

We work with vegetable tanned cowhide that retains the character of the animal and develops a rich patina over time. We respect the living properties of the hides we use. Leather grain and scarring remind us of the animal that gave us the hide.

We use traditional saddle making techniques to create our pieces by hand and incorporate many vintage tools. We feel a connection to the tradition of leather work and our hands touch each piece. We pass each piece on to our customers hands.

We are connected to our surroundings, bringing natural elements to our work. Ocean, sand, stone and sky are referenced.

We bring our lifestyle to our work. Vintage, Western and classic American style, music, skateboarding, beach life, travel – this diversity crosses over into our design. We want to share our stories, our style, our music with everyone.

We’re honored to be connected to you.


All pieces are handmade, by us, in our Los Angeles studio.
We employ traditional Western saddle making techniques, such as saddle stitching and wet molding.
No sewing machines are used at any time.
Stamp work is created with individual hand stamps, many of which are vintage.
All color is applied by hand. Natural oils and waxes are hand applied as well.
Edges are hand beveled and burnished.
Each piece is truly handmade.

From our hands – to yours.
You finish the process with your use.


We use Hermann Oak Vegetable Tanned A Grade Strap in the majority of our work. It’s all natural tannage and high quality are important to us.
Based in St Louis since 1881, Hermann Oak is one of the few remaining tanneries in the US. They began their work supplying wagon trains headed out West. They have employed the same vegetable tan process since their start. Their hides are the choice of top show saddle makers.
Their process is all natural, using only oak tree bark to create a “tea” in which the hides are tanned. It takes almost 3 months to create an extremely high quality leather with a nice, tight grain. This leather takes oils evenly and retains it’s form well over time.
It softens and patinas superior to other vegetable tanned leathers. It stretches far less as well.
Some vegetable tanned leathers may look the same at purchase but will feel light and loose even with light use.
Some other leathers use a chemical tan process that can take less than a week but can be toxic.
Hermann Oak stays solid because they take the time to do it right.

Dyes, Oils and Waxes
All dyes are water based and applied by hand.
Our indigo is all natural and brought from our source in Japan a few times each year.
We use two products to treat our leather Bee Natural Leather Oil and Skidmore’s Leather Cream – both of Washington State.
The Leather Oil hydrates the hide and the Leather Cream conditions and protects with a combination of plant oils and beeswax.
Edges are burnished using Gum Tragacanth, a obtained from the dried sap of several species of Middle Eastern legumes of the genus Astragalus.

Buttons, Conchos and Hardware
We use only real, authentic pieces as fasteners and buckles. No reproductions or plated metals. New items are mostly custom made.
The bone buttons we use are usually about 150 years old – antiques from Civil War era clothing. More connection to history.
Buffalo Nickel buttons are custom made for us, using real coins from circulation.
Ceramic and porcelain buttons are custom made for us by our friend Tanner at Stonewear Button Company, here in Los Angeles.
Conchos are sterling silver and custom made for us in Japan by our friend Take of Mt Hill Silver.
Hardware is solid metal, usually solid brass.


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