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We dreaded going to work on Mondays (and every day thereafter) only to feel burdened by the 9-5 ball and chain. After already working so hard during years of, what only felt like, torture in grade school and then finishing college, we felt so hopeless thinking that punching in and taking orders was all there was. It seemed like the age-old tale of becoming a free and happy adult was just that, a tale.

Well, then we thought, if money wasn’t an object then what would we do instead? After years of reroutes and soul searching, one of the biggest tenets we stand for and live by is family. So, us 3 sisters joined together to bring our passion for style, people, and marketing together to create a brand that supports and promotes others just like us. Those that daydream about passions Monday through Friday and then work really really hard to make that happen. We stand with you because that’s still us. We go to work from morning until evening, and then get off and make cool things happen (aka hustle); things that will, ultimately, help to evolve ourselves and those around us.

Concrete Blues is a passion that we birthed together to recreate the “American Dream” and what that truly means for all of us in the here-and-now. And now, it seems common that many hustle hard to make their deepest dreams come true. And we’re no different than you. All our dreams are a work in progress and that looks differently for each and every one of us. Albeit the working mother, student by day / food server by night, or the recent grad that just scooped up the first paying gig—we get you and support you.

We work diligently to create what success looks like to us and, trust us, this definitely involves a lot of trial and error. However, we know that we are capable of reaching our goal if we continue to Hustle, Evolve, and Repeat. While doing so, we hope to spread a positive message that will inspire others to reach their goals. So, what’s your dream and how do you hustle?

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