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No.One is an independent footwear brand borne from the converging disciplines of art, craft and technology. We hand make sneakers for a limited few in our space in Venice, California.

No.One, an independent footwear brand specializing in the micro-production of premium quality, editioned sneakers for the limited few. Offering a small-run debut collection along with a bespoke service for individual clients, No.One hand makes each pair of shoes from its studio in Venice, California.

Borne from the converging disciplines of art, craft, and technology, the No.One System is a balance of order and disorder, a creative cycle between the known and unknown. From the initial cutting of patterns to final packaging, this intersection of disciplines informs each part of the in-house manufacturing process and serves as the founding constitution for No.One.

Located within a long standing enclave for free thinkers at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, 1901 Lincoln is a state-of-the-art environment built to facilitate the continued development of the No.One System. A shoemaker workshop, research facility, and concept showroom, this modern industrial space is inviting made-to-order clientele by appointment.

The No.One System
This system is not a curriculum. It’s a process imbued in everything No.One creates. It is structured disorder in nine interconnected parts, operating as one. While it appears paradoxical, it’s less a method to control the unknown and more a way to extract as much from it as possible. A clarity within the chaos.
Energy and inspiration comes from a trilogy of concentric circles. Specific studies of four worlds are emphasized on the outside, connecting to three key disciplines that operate as one, with a more metaphysical core at its center.

Nothing will emerge from No.One without being a result of the system. No one element supersedes another. There is no single order in which to read the diagram. To truly understand is to embrace what can’t be understood yet.

History plays its part, but only as a stepping stone to the next. No histrionics. No unnecessary bombast. Through the practical, an understanding of how best to execute the new emerges. Through the theoretical, we push the potential.

Beyond this system and striving for the very best solutions possible — where there will be no half-measures, ever — little else is certain.