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Since launching her original brand in 2009, Lisa Nicole Harbottle has been secretly creating bespoke garments for private clients across the world alongside running her lingerie brand Lola Devlin. The thrill of making garments tailored to the individual woman has been the foundation in her approach to modern fashion in opposition to the mass market of fashion today. What was discovered in the process has become the core of her business and has since evolved into where you find yourself now – Revelle. Individuals who are wearing clothing truly made for them inhabit a feeling that is undeniable, and for Lisa, this is a value that can never be compromised. The idea of bringing this concept to a greater life has been years in the making from working as a designer, pattern maker, production manager, seamstress and creative director all while living with a passion for life, conscious of our footprint on this earth.

We invite you to join Revelle in doing what we do best. Creating, wearing and living in responsibly made clothing to enjoy with pleasure.