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Since launching in 2012 SaVous, a Los Angeles based casual-wear brand with a contemporary clean-lined aesthetic, has focused on creating clothes that exemplify the LA lifestyle. Their vision of LA is one full of characters and idealists, a city where everyone has big dreams. This collection of expression sweaters and tees attempts to illustrate a multitude of la fantasies from travel to social status to the in n’ Out Burger secret menu known only to native angelenos. Our goal is to spread the real LA globally, giving the casual contemporary market worldwide the opportunity to learn and experience what the city of angeles has to offer. With pieces that transition from day-to-night, we hope to show the world that casual-wear can be dressed up or down, and that effortless fashion is sometimes the best kind.

All SaVous garments are sourced,cut and manufactured in the USA all done in Downtown Los Angeles, our profits are smaller but we thrive on keeping it local. Also we are trying to bring that small 5% off all garments that are made only in USA due to cheaper manufacturers across seas up a percentage! After all every little helps!

SaVous was founded by Chanelle Kerr, she wanted to simplify and create a line that illustrates a modern day womans lifestyle, the generation of woman in 2016 she wears many hats. Perfection is not what the line is about and neither is the woman who wears SaVous.

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