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Effortless swimwear for women with adventure in their hearts and travel on their minds || Made with love in Los Angeles

SEGARA SWIM is effortless swimwear for women with adventure in their hearts and travel on their minds. Our minimalist styles feature unexpected details and luxurious materials, making these the perfect suits to feel confident, comfortable, and sexy. Whether you’re exploring a desert island or lounging by the pool, we hope you bring a piece of SEGARA SWIM with you on your adventures.

SEGARA SWIM is rooted in my deep love of travel and adventure. In my early twenties, I had the opportunity to live and work in Australia and sub-Saharan Africa through the consulting firm that I worked for. The year I spent across these two incredible continents marked the beginning of my constant desire to see new places and explore different cultures. Each design is inspired by and named after a place to which I’ve traveled and loved.

I started designing and sewing swimwear early in 2016 after craving a creative outlet to balance my work life at the time. I was drawn to swimwear because it was the only apparel for which I felt like I was always settling, whether it was with fit, color, comfort, or style. After months of sewing, testing different fabrics, and adjusting patterns, I started to give prototypes to friends to wear. When people started asking friends where they got their swimsuits and whether they could buy one, I began to explore expanding SEGARA SWIM beyond a nights-and-weekends creative project.