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Why Sham?

Doesn’t that mean fake?

A question we always get asked is ‘Why Sham? Doesn’t that mean fake?’ Sham refers to a region in the Middle East where many of the world’s refugees exist. While the proceeds we give not only help refugees in Middle East, we wanted to create a brand that would bring awareness to the refugee situation.

We liked Sham Bags so we decided to roll with that.

Established in 2017, Sham Bags is designed in California with the mission to give back to refugees. We are a small team of avid travelers have explored the world on a tight budget. Always seeking the best flight deals, we noticed a major flaw. Budget airlines have the cheapest flights but the most expensive carry-on fees. Beginning to see a pattern, we spoke with fellow travelers from around the world to hear their experiences. It was unanimous that affordable, functional carry-ons for budget airlines don’t exist. From that moment, Sham Bags was born.

Made to Make Impressions
Our design is built to endure and curated for the style conscious traveler. We believe a backpack shouldn’t just be an ordinary bag. Your travel accessories should be an extension of your personal style and the epitome of function. Something that leaves a lasting impression on those around you.

Improve Lives of Others
We also want to give back. Proceeds go towards helping refugees globally including those effected or displaced by climate change and natural disasters. Welcome to the Sham Bags community.