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Canapé is a Los Angeles based women’s apparel brand founded by California-born model, Brianna Olenslager. Brianna has worked in the fast fashion industry for 10 years and has watched trends come and go. As an admirer of personal style, fast fashion never settled well with her.

“For me, shopping is a luxury. I believe in only buying items that I know I’ll love and wear for years. I curate my wardrobe to reflect my quirky personal style and only select pieces that I feel truly belong. Canapé is just that – only unique pieces that truly belong in every woman’s closet.”
Canapé launched in the Summer of 2017 with one staple item in five patterns: The Bella Bow Tie

The Canapé mission is to change the way we think about fashion and introduce the idea of investing in artistic staples. Each item is designed and constructed with the intention that it will maintain and sustain in your closet. We believe core style stays the same, and a well-designed piece can stay relevant for the next 3 – 5 years. We offer, revamped, quirky, staple pieces that can be integrated into your wardrobe in many ways, for years to come.