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Straight out of the Inland Empire located in Southern California comes Signature Innovation Group. Founded in 2012, SIG has made their name by producing men’s American-made apparel with an emphasis on quality. The team is led by Jarret Beaudis, Stormy Ballejos and Phillip Rivera. #TeamSIG has hustled their way into the contemporary fashion industry, going from fashion followers to fashion game-changers.

The fashion district, nestled in downtown Los Angeles, is Signature’s hub not only for manufacturing, but inspiration. The gritty urban cityscape has engendered a spirit of creativity that allows them to mix classic themes and timeless concepts with their own twist. “Classic meets urban,” is how SIG describes the embodiment of their brand. Along with a certain aesthetic, Signature has created a bit of a reputation for itself around California as the brand with the “really soft shirts.” Despite many offers, they refuse to allow their clothing be carried in stores to ensure complete creative control. To get your hands on a piece of SIGnature clothing, visit the website where you won’t see countless boring stock photos of lifeless t-shirts arranged by price. Instead, you’ll see someone just like you wearing the clothing and living their life just as you would. Because Signature clothing is meant to be lived in. It is not just a brand; it is a lifestyle. Signature Innovation Group are teaching the industry that they don’t have to play by their rules.

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