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[si.zif] – French phonetic spelling of the name Sisyphe (Sisyphus in English) who used to be the King of Corinth in Greek Mythology and who was compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down.

Strange, right? At [si.zif], we are looking at the repetition of the action of walking. Walking streets, trails, sidewalks or simply walking through the path of life. As human beings, we are all meant to walk. We are “sentenced to walk”, it’s instinct! Rather it is forward or backward we just don’t think about it!

The footwear are designed and hand made in Los Angeles by craftsmen that repeat the same motion and technique, with calm, precision and an unequaled know-how that is often passed on within the same family. Here again, there is repetition.

We hope that you will enjoy the subtle twist between tradition and modernism that we are trying to show on our products as much as we do! And most importantly: keep walking, it’s worth it!

Born in Bayonne, France, Celine Legey-Salisian spent most of her childhood between Europe and Africa, where her family used to live. She never spent more than a few years in cities across France, Ivory Coast, Gabon or the United Arab Emirates. In 2004, she settled in Los Angeles after meeting her husband on a plane while coming for the first time in California. She got a taste of the footwear industry after working with several brands that manufactured their products in Vietnam on a large scale. The desire to produce shoes in smaller volume, locally, and using fine materials, became a reality thanks to a handful of artisans still working in the Los Angeles area. In Southern California, she finds the international diversity that energizes her life and can be reflected in the footwear she creates.


Shoe factories normally do not last entire shoes by hand but use hydraulic lasting machines which do part of the job in a fraction of time. Laser cut machines and dies are used to cut the uppers in order to maximise the consumption of leather. All of this leaves very few space for the workers to express their skills.

At [si.zif], the shoes are entirely made by hand by artisans who have assembled hundreds of shoes in their life, who have developed their own techniques and who leave every pair with their own… “foot” print! The leather hides are flatten and cut by hand with knives that show marks of time. The uppers are stitched entirely by the same person and the shoes are lasted using dozen of nails. Before the uppers are cemented to the outsoles, the shoes remain from 3 up to 5 days on the lasts to ensure that the shoes will keep their shape. Finally, the shoes are brushed, polished and touched up prior being packed individually. Our [si.zif] shoes are labor intensive and made with care.


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