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The concept of Skivvie NIX was thought-up while on the clock at a previous place of work. Suckers! (Relax, it was just the idea. No actual work was done)
The sole founder & CEO, Brighton Boerner, started this business from her one-bedroom, Los Angeles apartment after being FIRED from the previous said job at a PR firm. Go figure!
Yes, before we started this business our panty drawers looked like yours; a lot of riffraff and some shameful unmentionables.
We actually despise the word “panties,” but when you start a business like this one, you’re kinda bullied into using it in order to get the point across.
About 90% of the time, our undies don’t match our bras. And we couldn’t give a sheet. We’re far too busy/lazy to schlep to the mall to buy ourselves new undies. So we just assume other millennials like us must be too. (A business is born!)
We’re frugal…okay okay, we’re cheap. You’d probably have to pay US to buy underwear that cost twenty-plus dollars per pair. Can you believe that our competitors charge YOU $20+/mo for a single pair? “As if!”
We believe in having our cake and eating it too (Mmmmm, cake)! In other words, we have great quality underwear at reasonable prices.
If you haven’t already connected the dots…We love Fleetwood Mac!


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