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The Secret Catalog is a mail order print catalog that features limited edition goods by small, independent brands. Curated by Adrienne Antonson of STATE, the catalog features clothing, accessories, home goods, artwork, and more, delivered right to your door.
The goals of the catalog are simple: with all the time we spend looking at screens, an object like a print catalog connects us to something tactile – it helps us stop, consider, and be present. Our intention is for the Secret Catalog to be an experience. Along with gorgeous photo spreads of covetable goods, it also contains extra stories and treasures we hope will surprise and delight. After all, the keen anticipation of waiting for an exciting piece of mail is a feeling we all know and love. Combine that with the old fashioned wonder associated with a mail order catalog and there’s nothing quite like the Secret Catalog.
Each issue, we invite designers and artists to make work exclusively for the catalog. The makers are encouraged to create fresh work that inspires and excites them, something they’ve never made before. The catalog is a wild and free creative space that aspires to motivate our collaborators to take risks and to try something new. The results are pure magic as each issue has grown bigger and better than the one before.


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