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The high-end style of bespoke craftsmanship mixed with the raw power of cutting-edge industrial manufacturing. Our products require a perfect mix of both, because the problem you face cannot be solved without it.

You’re against an endless siege–everyday. Non-stop advertising for the subpar, the commodity-grade, the consumer-based, the dead-end junk that goes to the dump within years. Things built with materials harmful or toxic for you or your family. Things that fill the dumpster when you move from one place to another. Things built with planned obsolescence. Things that you apologize to yourself for buying. Things built primarily around being the lowest cost, at all cost, because they aim to sell 100,000 units to 100,000 people and make a few cents each sale. Profit over all.

All of that will be forgotten and disposed, those things built without putting care and empathy first. But you know the power of filling your world, your home, your life, with goodness, so you keep looking for those diamonds-in-the-rough. We all transform those objects into treasures to share with our loved ones, because they last long enough and perform well enough to become part of our personal experiences.

Our promise to you: to provide things worth treasuring without all the bull. Made right here in Southern California. Designed with every consideration for person and place, out of responsible materials, at a fair price, by fairly paid, proud employees. To give you something special that cuts above the rest.

Thanks for looking.

“Calico” Chris Webster