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Apparel and home goods handcrafted with a blend of traditional Turkish culture and the Southern California sun. We are not lost souls; we are resilient travelers wandering in search of art in a preoccupied world. Handloom is a minimalist lifestyle brand, blending bohemian chic with oriental tradition. The Handloom strives to be the cultural bridge between the ancient ways of Turkey and free-spirited individuals in the U.S. It is the result of creative lifestyles coming together through fashion, design, nature and the outdoors. Now taking shape in Southern California, Handloom brings a classic panache intertwining beauty and heritage.
Each Handloom product has its own story. Traditional Turkish fabrics and handmade goods crafted with a delicate focus on detail and quality. Each piece is custom made, drawing inspiration from the rhythm of a big city to the smallest elements found quietly in nature.
Nature, warm sandy beaches, clear blue waves, the mountains, the seasons; this is where creativity is born. This is what enchants the soul. Handloom is comfort for the traveler’s soul.

The Handloom Coastal essentials and apparel for nomads. Inspired by authentic culture and the California sun

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