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A shop that began in my grandfather’s garage…

Many years ago I visited my grandfather at his quaint country home in the small town of Lewistown, Pennsylvania. My wife Lauren wasn’t able to accompany me because of work, so I wanted to bring her back a fun souvenir. After much searching I was unable to find a gift that was more thoughtful than a sampling of my favorite hometown potato chips and birch beer!

My last hope was an Amish Flea Market. Walking up and down the aisles of antiques, I knew I couldn’t bring back something large – but not even the small wares had that personal touch I was searching for. Then I stumbled on a weathered crate full of old antique keys. My wife has always loved unusual jewelry, and especially longer, intricate rings – and these keys were beautiful! The engraving, the patina, the different shapes – I knew they would make a great piece if I could pull it off – so I bought three of them.

With my grandfather’s help, and after breaking the first two keys, I carefully pounded out the first successful antique key ring in the garage. Needless to say, my wife LOVED it, and so has everyone who has seen her wearing it over the years. Slowly more and more requests turned into a full-time business! We now do 80+ shows per year and have our very own Etsy shop – here! And that first ring? She still wears it almost every day. Now you can get one of your very own!


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